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Family Law & Traffic Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

When you're faced with a legal issue, you deserve an attorney who will work with you from start to finish. At The Farmer Law Firm PLLC, our attorney believes collaboration is key. He is the legal partner you want for your family law or traffic case. Contact our office in Rockville, Maryland, today to schedule a free case consultation with Attorney Lyle Farmer. We proudly serve clients in Rockville, Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro, Frederick, and Annapolis.

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Attorney Lyle Farmer

Lyle Farmer

Attorney at Law

Attorney Lyle Farmer's commitment to serving others drives his practice each and every day. Since earning his J.D. from the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law in 1992, he has dedicated his career to representing those in need of legal guidance. His background includes working for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and serving as in-house counsel for The Meisel Group. Attorney Farmer opened his solo practice in 2017, and he now represents cases involving family law, traffic offenses, criminal justice, and more.


What Makes Our Attorney Different?

Attention to Detail

When you bring your case to Lyle Farmer, he will give it the dedicated focus it deserves. He understands just how much the outcome could impact your life, and he does not take that responsibility lightly.

Whether you are going through a divorce or facing a serious traffic violation, Attorney Farmer is ready to give you his thorough attention.

Open & Honest Communication

Throughout the legal process, you'll likely have many questions. It's crucial that your attorney is easy to reach when you do. Attorney Farmer prioritizes his dependability with his clients because he knows your concerns can't wait.

Our attorney doesn't beat around the bush. You can count on him for upfront legal guidance created with your unique goals in mind.

Fighting for Results: It Takes a Team Effort

When your legal issue involves aspects as important as your family and your future, you want the best possible representation. However, it often takes more than just a skilled attorney to achieve a favorable result. A collaborative attorney-client relationship can make all the difference in your case. By working side by side with your lawyer, you'll be forging a strong partnership that combines personal investment with professional insight.

At The Farmer Law Firm PLLC, we've seen the impact solid cooperation can have on our clients' cases, from child support agreements to speeding tickets to DUIs. You want to put your legal issue behind you. We want to help you do so. Reach out to us in Rockville, Maryland, to get started.

Our partnership can only be as good as the information you provide. The more you tell us, the better we can tailor our strategy to your desired outcome. That being said, do not hesitate to voice any concerns you may have. We'll take the time to set timeline expectations, explain your options, and answer any questions you may have. The legal process can be overwhelming. Let's navigate it together.

From divorce to DUI, our attorney at The Farmer Law Firm PLLC is ready to handle your case. Schedule a free consultation today by contacting our Rockville office. We represent clients throughout the area, including those in Rockville, Silver Spring, Upper Marlboro, Frederick, and Annapolis, Maryland.